Codabows are a range of Carbon fiber / Graphite fiber bows which I import from the U.S.A. Carbon fiber is a material that shares similar flexibility and weight characteristics with the best bow woods, except it is much much stronger, will never loose its spring, neither can it crack, split or warp, making it perhaps the ideal bow material. Certainly, in their price brackets, they out perform traditional wooden bows and are a much better investment. The sticks have a lifetime guarantee, and can be rehaired in the normal manner. They have proven to be very popular with my customers.
Codabows are engineered and built in a deliberate manner to exacting specifications. The stability of materials used in Codabows offers a level of reliability in performance, and longevity, not available in traditional wooden bows or cheaper composite / carbon fiber bows.

Diamond SX Viola Bow
Advanced players, teachers and proffessionals alike, will recognize that this bow offers all you will need as an everyday bow, for every occasion and playing environment.
Viola 510