Welcome to Tri-Folk, where it's a pleasure to learn tunes !
Tri-Folk is a new business that produces CDs with a booklet, designed to help you learn Traditional tunes and then develop your instrumental skills whilst enjoying playing along to the full band backing tracks. Suitable for violin, mandolin, flute, melodeon, and any other melody instrument.The Tri-Folk format is different from any others:
Each CD/booklet has 10 tunes. Each tune is played in three different ways.
-The first track for each tune is the melody only, played once very slowly.
(This is helpful to initially learn the tune, especially if you have difficulty reading music)

The second track for each tune has the melody played at a moderate pace, twice through, with a basic guitar accompaniment.
(This provides more structure for the tune and demonstrates how it fits together with the guitar chords. It is very supportive to play-along with whilst you gain confidence learning the tune)
The third track for each tune is at a quicker pace.It is a full band backing track played five times through. The melody is only played once, and after that you are left on your own to play-along as the leader of the band.
(This is your opportunity to develop your own style and really get to grips with the tune........great fun !)

All tracks played 'live' on acoustic instruments.

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