About Tri-Folk

Tri-Folk was started by Tim Phillips Violin Maker, and his wife Tora, early in 2004.
Tim has been making violins for over 15 years and sells mostly to musicians in the Folk world.

Whilst taking a break from violin making, Tim built a small recording room next to his workshop, and started to record the first Tri-Folk CD.

Tim plays most of the instruments on the Tri-Folk CDs, except for Melodeon, which is played by Tora (personally taught by John Kirkpatrick).
We have both been playing in local Ceilidh Bands for many years and have lots of experience playing Folk Music of many varieties.
Over the years we've learned lots of tunes that are both fun to play, good to listen to and often great to dance to !
The first two CDs contain just a few of them. We hope you enjoy them and we look forward to producing some more.