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Fiddle On Magazine Review
I recommend this CD to everyone ! It's brilliantly designed (by violin maker Tim Phillips) to assist the players of melody instruments to make the leap from playing on their own (or in sessions) to playing with a band, and as such, it works beautifully. But there's potentially a much broader musical value here, as will become clear later.
Each tune in the CD (with dots provided) is played in a group of three tracks: the first goes through the tune on melodeon, at a nice steady pace; the second is still steady, with the tune played on fiddle, to a simple guitar accompaniment. The third track in each group provides a beautifully arranged band backing - never overpowering, and still at a reasonable speed. And you - as 'soloist' - aren't left completely out in the cold: the first time through, the fiddle plays the tune along with you.
It's in these band arrangements that the wider value of this CD lies. All too often,in the 'folk' tradition, players have picked up their nuts and bolts knowledge of music by ear - usually pretty well, but there's sometimes room for improvement. This CD provides lovely examples of harmonic structure and - even more often missed by the self taught muso - some really good, stylish couterpoint. These aspects, coupled with tight rhythmical playing and well-judged tempos, makes this CD an excellent examplar for all traditional musicians.
Jill Fisher Fiddle On Magazine

"Great fun product, should help me improve my technique !"

Thumbs up from Froots
, (10 Fine Fiddle Tunes)
A play-along CD for learning tunes, 10 of them, ......... Good idea, well executed.(thumbs up)
Froots magazine

"Extremely efficient very prompt delivery, Great CD, could not fault."

Shreds and Patches Review
This is such a good idea, I'm surprised no-one has thought of it before.
Tim Phillips, violin maker to the stars, has come up with a series of CDs with a booklet, designed to help you learn Traditional tunes. With a cover designed by son Clovis, this is a regular cottage industry.
My only complaint is that ace box player Tora only gets to play the very slow version of the tune while Tim gets to blast away on fiddle, guitar, viola, bass, octave violin, trumpet and trombone on the other tracks.
Rees Wesson (Shreds and Patches Autumn/Winter 2004)
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"Excellent product and service, will use again."

Music Maker Review
Tri-Folk is an extremely useful learning tool that can give endless hours of enjoyment and since the plan is to bring out further CDs in the series it will be an excellent way of building up your repertoire. Highly recommended.
Brian Healy

The music throughout was of an admirable professional standard. The variety of instrumental arrangements astonished and delighted me. The slow melody solos were unfailing in their clarity and steady encouraging pace - absolutely ideal for beginners. The middle paced tunes with guitar were rich in creative, catchy arrangements. I found them charming and I am sure they will offer a great deal of satisfaction to improving musicians.
Thanks so much for all the interest and pleasure which Tri-Folk have given me.

Peter Shea. (Lifetime dance caller and musician)

A polished and brassy performance
Fred Averis (Musician and Choir Master)

What I like about this is it's a really good little package.
John Thrift. (Music and instrument retailer)

I finally had a chance to play the Tri-folk CD at the weekend. .. they are great for teaching. They are so much more than just a means of learning tunes - the CDs provide the experience of playing with a band - I like the fact that the instrumentation changes during the 5 play throughs - for pupils not used to playing with others it's not only fun but teaches how not to get distracted by what else is playing.
Anne Tarrant .(Musician)

We received your new "learning" CD in for review and I thought it was great! I rushed home with it that night to try it out with my hammer dulcimer. We also enjoyed just listening to it in the office. Will send it out soon to a reviewer, It will go in the Nov-Dec edition.
The Living Tradition Magazine