Bowshop Bows (Carbon Fiber Viola Bows)
These bows are made to my own specification and I supply them directly to you at an unbeatable price.
Being made of Carbon Fiber, they have strength, flexibility, durability, playability and longevity!
They won't twist, split, warp or crack, and will never loose their spring.

Woven Viola
These bows feature a high quality Ebony frog with Parisien eye; Strongly figured lined Abalone Slide; Silver fittings; Silver wire and black silk lapping; leather grip; three part screw with Mother of pearl inlay.
Specially made from woven Carbon Fibre, these viola bows are more supple and forgiving than other bows at this price. Suitable for good and advanced players.

Weight 70 grams.

RRP 145.00